The TIMEPROJECT is a huge live music installation with the objective of looking beyond the edge of time and space. Four bands from the NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST of Europe are coming together in the open air to overcome those fundamental physical and cultural laws governing duration and distance on the quest for new dimensions. Serving as a catalyst, music fills the space for the audience repeatedly with crazy distances and fills each individual second with traditions both ancient and forward-looking, thereby allowing measurable size and duration to be dwarfed perceptibly by its content.

The TIMEPROJECT, june 2008, Terschelling, NL

participating bands: NORTH: Snö   EAST: Mitsoura   SOUTH: Palyrria   WEST: Familha Artús

concept by Matthias Loibner

TIMEPROJECT is a coproduction with IN SITU - the European network for artistic creation in public areas, financed with the support of the European Commission, La Strada in Graz, Austria and the Terschelling‘s Oerol Festival.